Yellow Brick Road Self Determination was founded by Serena Batali in 2020. Her older sister was diagnosed with autism when she was a young girl, and they quickly grew an inseparable bond. Growing up fully emerged in the world of autism, the need for independence and self-choice became a loud necessity. She believes that adults living with developmental and intellectual disabilities are more than capable of living the life of their dreams, and with the proper support and a little inspiration, they can get there.

She is the lead facilitator at a state-accredited vocational skills training program D'Vine Path, where she specializes in preparing adults with developmental disabilities for a professional work environment.


Serena obtained her bachelor's degree from California Polytechnic University in both Communication Studies and Child Development, with a specialty in liberal and creative arts. She is well-versed in art micro-enterprises and event coordinating. Given her background, Serena is happy to have provided many consultation and planning services to adults with developmental disabilities who aspire to work professionally in the arts.

In addition to Serena's specialty in vocational training  and art micro-enterprise consultation, Serena has extensive training in Applied Behavior Analysis and Independent Facilitation. She has obtained her Independent Facilitator certification through both Guidelight Group and the Orange County Regional Center.
She is also a trained in the internationally recognized Liberty Plan person-centered planning training program. Serena considers herself a "forever student," and continues to attend as many Independent Facilitation and Self-Determination training programs as possible to continue learning new methods and teaching styles to provide the best possible experience for her clients.  


Serena views her clients as teachers and friends, alike, and prides herself on the strong relationships she builds with them and their support circle with every person-centered plan. She is an autism advocate and wants nothing more than for her clients to live the life of their dreams. With the proper support, facilitation and inspiration, Serena believes in living limitlessly.