Our Purpose

We warmly welcome you to Yellow Brick Road Self Determination.

Your self-chosen life awaits...


Dare to dream your wildest dreams!


With our help, they aren't as far as they seem. Through attentive listening, diligent research and thoughtful organization, we are proud to provide you with independent facilitation services that you will be able to act upon. We are excited for you to find self-chosen greatness while you follow the Yellow Brick Road. 


Our purpose is simple: to create an inspiring, action-orientated plan for you as you walk down the exciting path towards your self-chosen life. We create plans specifically for you, with you! ​For the past several years, we have been empowering adults with disabilities to live the life of their dreams and we help you take the steps to get there. Nothing comes from nothing, so Yellow Brick Road independent facilitation services are committed to providing clear and unwavering guidance every step of the way. 


Your future starts here...